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What's New from SONASEARCH

Sonasearch, Inc. has been the leader in developing new and exciting solutions in the oil patch since 1983. For over 30 years, Sonasearch has developed state-of-the-art products and technologies to fill the applications of our clients. We pride ourselves on continuing to innovate and excite with every installment. Our research and development also reaches far beyond what we have tangibly created thus far. If you problem isn't fixed with any of our advanced systems, fear not. Sonasearch is capable of developing solutions to technological issues that you may face in the field.

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Storage Tank Surveyor™

Storage tank surveyor photo

Chevron approached Sonasearch with yet another novel application for our Acoustic Camera™ technology; direct, ultra-accurate measurement of remaining shell thickness. With a correlation within 0.000x" of the 'lab standard', the Acoustic Camera was determined suitable for the task. Sonasearch selected Teledyne SeaBotix as the preferred sensor delivery platform and the resulting Storage Tank Surveyor is the latest innovation in sonar technology. This state-of-the-art sonar tool provides an extremely accurate image of features, anomalies and problem areas, providing 100% coverage in fluid-filled storage tanks - without the need to remove the tank from service.

Coaxial Mode Telemetry

With the inclusion of the Acoustic Camera technology, the Storage Tank Surveyor (STS) is able to achieve precision images without the expensive, hazardous, time-consuming work of previous tank inspection methods. Extremely accurate measurement despite the presence of common tank sediments, the STS reliably provides the highest resolution imaging available. Precise inspection point spacing (192 inspection points per square inch) to reliably detect corrosion areas measuring < 1" in diameter is one of the highlights of this fabulous new product developed by Sonasearch, Inc. More information on the STS can be found here.