Thru Pipe™ from SONASEARCH

Thru Pipe™ technology is the latest in high-quality sonar technology for surveying fluid/mud-filled pipe & casings. Designed by SONASEARCH, this state-of-the-art device provides a new and unique method of acoustic inspection, enabling oil companies to accurately measure the internal diameter, shape/deformation & inner-string wall thickness of nested, multiple-tubing strings/casings. Thru Pipe technology, as used the Cavern Surveyor III™, has been certified by Sandia National Labs for use in the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Among the advanced capabilities incorporated of Thru Pipe technology:

  1. High-resolution, multi-point measurement of the inside diameter and wall thickness of inner tubing strings, depicting tubing deformation and inside surface imperfections with significant accuracy in a 360-degree horizontal plane.
  2. The ability to shoot through the inner tubing and provide multi-point measurement of the inside diameter & deformations of at least one outer tubing string/casing.
  3. Accurate, reliable integrity and volumetric mapping of fluid-filled underground storage caverns.
  4. Sediment Topology Mapping
Thru Pipe image

Thru Pipe technology is simple to use, transmitting survey data to the surface-based Thru Pipe™ communications console in real time, creating an accurate picture of the tubing/casing shape and size, depicting tubing/casing characteristics through horizontal and vertical cross sectional images as well as 3-D renderings and data tables.

Reports include a complete, 360-degree tubing/casing wall table providing radii deviation, an abbreviated short radii table and a maximum radii table. New advanced features only available in the latest version of Thru Pipe have been designed to solve some of the industries most common problems and make this tool rise above current technology. For example:

  • The ability to accurately ensonify tubing/casings of 8.9 – 34cm (3.5" – 13.375") diameter through either water or water/oil-based drilling mud, providing accurate, timely, unambiguous data on which to base tubing/casing remediation decisions.
  • The ability to provide continuous, high-resolution, 360-degree survey coverage of the tubing/casing wall at logging speeds of 30fpm or more.
  • The advanced Electronic Heading Reference System (EHRS) allows accurate registration of tubing/casing anomalies in a single pass. The updated system takes only one minute for reference calibration.
  • State-of-the-art software runs on modern, Windows-based computers.

SONASEARCH has utilized this technology in several applications for our clients, including:

  • NextGen Cement Evaluation
  • Casing/Cement Bond Inspection
  • Cement/Formation Bond Assessment
  • ‘in-cement’ Micro Annuli
  • Canon Clamp Detection
  • Plug & Abandonment
  • Underground Cavern Integrity Inspection
  • Sediment Survey