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Welcome to SONASEARCH inc.

Founded in 1983, SONASEARCH is a US based research and development company based out of Waco, TX. Specializing in the design, development and manufacture of advanced software and microprocessor-based systems, SONASEARCH has worked with several different companies bringing a passion for effective, quality products that continue to provide consistent results.

In 1983, SONASEARCH successfully undertook the development of the first long-line, color-modulated, computer-controlled sonar certified for use in surveying the underground salt dome storage caverns of the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve. This technology has proven so advanced that it now dominates the North American storage cavern survey market. Ongoing design efforts have resulted in further development of the Cavern Surveyor™ series of geophysical survey tools capable of performing single-pass surveys through multiple, concentric steel pipe.

Pay Less Drug Stores contracted with SONASEARCH to provide UNIX systems administration & systems maintenance for their corporate and regional office systems in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii. In 1991 Kodak engaged SONASEARCH to develop the successful Lost Film™ system to track film development transactions, flag unclaimed pictures, provide customer notification and recover the revenue previously lost.

In 1998, SONASEARCH designed & developed the resumevault® staffing software in response to client requests for a web-based automated solution to lower the cost of corporate staffing and improve the quality of applicants presented to hiring managers. Our Software Engineers committed the resources to ensure that resumevault:

  • Completely automates the first interview
  • Sequesters the resumé "haystack" previously dumped on the client
  • Qualifies each applicant, painstakingly searching for the "needle"
  • Notifies clients of qualified candidates meeting all requirements

resumevault saves a tremendous amount of time and money, allowing client companies to concentrate resources more effectively on their core business. resumevault thoroughly interviews each applicant, so our clients don't have to. Thus saving crucial time for our clients to spend their time doing what they do best, sending companies worthy applicants.

Paladin AdSolutions contacted SONASEARCH in 2005 to design & develop their SQL Server-based RadioAd® on-line search engine to provide significant ROI improvements for radio advertisers. SONASEARCH’s work with Paladin AdSolutions led to an innovative breakthrough in radio advertisement. Allowing the listener to search for any radio advertisement that they deemed relevant. This opened the door for other companies to follow in their footsteps.

In 2006, SONASEARCH joined with The Gearhart Companies of Fort Worth to produce the Cavern Surveyor III™, the latest refinement of the Cavern Surveyor series. The Cavern Surveyor III offers significant improvements in accuracy, reliability, serviceability, electronic gyro in-pipe orientation and 3-D cavern modeling.

SONASEARCH development programs include Thru Pipe™, a microminiaturized electronic heading reference system (EHRS) featuring 3-axis gyro and magnetic compass capable of fitting inside a 10mm tubular housing, the miniaturized Sub-Nav™ sonar navigation package intended for ROV applications, the Acoustic Camera™ for borehole inspection and lost tool fishing and the multi-sensor Intruder Detection System™ providing underwater security and mine detection.

Here at SONASEARCH, it is our top priority to provide our clients with highest quality and trust possible. We take pride in our innovation and our continual endeavors to make the impossible possible. There is no substitute for honesty and no shortcut to integrity. If you choose to work with us, you can do so with confidence. We look forward to working with you on your next development effort.

Thank you,

Steve Walker


Waco, TX, USA