Storage Tank Surveyor™ from SONASEARCH

Using Acoustic Camera™ technology from SONASEARCH, the Storage Tank Surveyor™ accurately and reliably measuring the remaining floor/wall thickness of above ground storage tanks and oil tanker inner hulls. The Storage Tank Surveyor answers the question 'has corrosion reached the point requiring replacement of the tank floor/wall?'

Storage Tank Surveyor being deployed

Designed and manufactured by SONASEARCH, this state-of-the-art sonar tool provides an extremely accurate image of features, anomalies and problem areas in fluid-filled storage tanks - without the need to remove the tank from service.

New advanced features only available in the Storage Tank Surveyor have been designed to solve some of the industry's most common problems and make this tool rise above competing technology. For example:

  • Automated, computer-controlled search pattern and anomaly recognition ensures complete search coverage and detection of all problem areas.
  • Instrinsically safe for operation in the most hazardous environments: H2S, gasoline kerosene, diesel, fuel oil, crude oil, etc.
  • Accurate, reliable steel thickness measurements despite the presence of common tank sediments: rust, soil, water and small debris that escaped the filers.
  • Inspection point spacing less than or equal to 1/4" to reliably detect corrosion areas measuring less than or equal to 1" in diameter.

Outputs that provide the information you need.

Sample results

Acoustic Camera™ Formation Imaging Video